Introducing Myself
So. The ominous blank page. How to begin telling a story from the middle?  

As a (recovering) perfectionist, I've thought too much about this. For weeks. (Truth.) 
Originally, of course, I was planning to get all the moving parts perfectly built, coiffed and organized, then have a swooping Grand Reveal. Taadahhh! 

BUT! I saw this quote last night as I started a new book (The Drifter by Nick Petrie), which finally brought it all together for me: 

Caminante, no hay camino. 

Se hace el camino al andar. 

Antonio Machado

Traveler, there is no path. 

The path is made by walking. 

Antonio Machado

RIGHT. The power of Now. There is only this moment. Life is about the journey, not the destination. 

It is the very act of taking steps that defines the path. Awesome, right? 

So I'm actively and consciously trying to embrace the idea that the ups and downs, disappointments and delights, cleanups on aisle four and consequent tidying up ARE the point. 

That's what life is made of. Step, stumble, get intimate with the ground (says my friend, Megan), get up, brush off and step. Rinse, repeat. 

More than anything I want to be REAL with you and myself in this space, so here we are beginning mid-stream. 

<<< awkward pause >>>

Um OK so I just took a breath, facing the blank page, and realized I feel like I'm at a party where I don't know a soul... I am a fairly private person (introvert, INFJ for you Meyers Briggs fans) so this blogging thing is a real act of bravery for me. I suppose I should start by introducing myself, state my purpose here and catch you up on what's already happening. 

Hello. My name is Lisa. 

- I'm a jewelry artist and an anthropologist-at-heart. 

- My favorite color is still rainbow. (You can't make me pick just one! Colors have a natural order and relationship! It's the science of light; the common language of the Universe!) 

- I think Mother Nature is the original genius and I thrill in the miracle of her light-dancing minerals, green botanicals and furry creatures.  

- I'm curious by nature, believe in details and I am a voracious reader. (Fiction, please, tell me a story!) 

- I am known for asking a million questions. I'm the Queen of Questions! I'm sure I drove my parents bonkers in real time, but my mother graciously says now that it was evidence I was *thinking*. In my family that is/was a good thing. When the Why Factory kicked in they told me to "go look it up". If my brother and I had a nickel for every time we heard that! This was before the internet, dear reader, so the Merriam-Webster, thesaurus, and crossword puzzle dictionaries were well-thumbed in my little world. It's no wonder I have a lot of bandwidth for research! 

Anthropologist, you ask? It's one of my career roads not taken. I absolutely love to travel, especially internationally, observing how human beings live in all our glorious diversity. Cultures, societies, history and most individual humans are pretty darn fascinating to me. That probably includes you! I'm sure I'll hop down lots of rabbit holes here about the things I ponder. 🙂

Before we proceed, I need to establish a ground rule for this space. As already implied, I'm a recovering perfectionist. As such, a key roadblock between the IDEA of starting something (like a blog) and actually DOING something in 3D is "doing it right". I tend to take a long time, play out all the chess options in my head, consider and plan for as many obstacles as I can think up and eventually -very cautiously- start any new thing. This can look and feel like procrastination and I'm pretty sick of myself! So I'm committing here to you and to myself to allow this blog to be messy. I'm actually going to attempt to THRILL in the mess. (!!!) We'll see how much mess you and I can tolerate. If I exceed your tolerance, including liberties I may take with grammar, kindly take care of yourself and disembark at your first opportunity. 🙂

Ok! I've covered a smidge about who I am, made clear that we are starting in the middle of a construction zone, and established that I'm allowed to get messy -- no judgment. In the next entry I'll go down the rabbit hole about why I'm here and what's happening. 

In conclusion, dear reader, I want to welcome you! 

I'm so very glad you are here. <3